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The “dark side” of “She Dirves” lyrics.

Sooo i was supposed to do a “dope” blog but this got stupid when I realized that I was just editing hot btr photos in a 3D filter and posting it thennnnnnn I had the idea of turning this blog to “big time dirty” instead of “big time dope”. Maybe it’s not a big difference to you but it’s to me.

Then to start this whole thing, I was totally bored and I decided to listen to “She Drives” and started to realize a few things.

I know, I know! She Drives IS NOT about to actually drive, like, a car, but there’s a few things that I think that some of you guys didn’t get yet. Yet. So let’s analyze the lyrics.

So the tittle “She Drives” could be easily changed to “She Rides”, always remember this. You’ll get why.

 “She sees me in the review mirror” – I couldn’t find any other explanation to this instead car sex.

Put it in gear” – It’s more to “Get ready to have me inside you

Love it when she puts the pedal to the floor” – He loves when girls fit themselves with him.

Go easy on the flashing lights” – Go slow when he’s about to cum, he doesn’t want this to over so quickly.

She’s driving all night and still I keep on begging her for more” - There’s nothing to translate here, it’s all showing.

Nothing’s holding us back, so we can go faster. We’re breaking all the rules, nobody’s gonna catch us” – They’re obviously doing this in an inappropriate place.

Girl we’re so speeding, speeding, speeding and damn I love this feeling, feeling, feeling” - *insert here your malicious laugh*

Oh when she drives, I let her drive all night and we can go for miles and miles” There we can see the “drive” and “ride” thing that covers this song up. Logan let her “drive” all night because he loves it. Logan love when girls ride on him (naughty, naughty). The “miles and miles” mean that he could do this all day long.

Yeah I wanna ride and she knows how to ride just right, and we can go for miles” – CHECK POINT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111

She drives me crazy like oh woah” – To let all of you sexually frustrated (like I am), he got crazy when girls ride on him, so imagine you riding him and he moaning “oh woah” and that’s all.

So, to finish this “she drives class” let’s just get Logan’s idea for this song: That he loves when girls ride on him we already get but maybe he can have some fetish about car sex. He wanted to cover his favorite sex position with a car ride what makes us associate those things. So Logan is smarter than we thought but he still needs to work a little more on this, because we totally get this one.  

Alright then, that’s all folks. I know there’s a longer version but this post would get tiring.

So…. See ya’ll soon… or no!

(this post got huge, sorry about this)

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Sorry for staying so much time without posting anything, i totally forgot about this blog! But now I’m back and, hopefully, posting everyday! xoxo :)

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"Come over me, bitches.”